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Will the game be restocked?

We are currently investigating the best way to do that. Over the last 2 years prices have risen for shipping and materials, and we'd like to keep the price the same as it was before, as much as possible. This has made things more complicated, so we appreciate your patience while we figure out the details!

When will there be more games available for purchase?

If all goes well, hopefully by the middle of 2023. But as of right now (January) that is just my guess.

Are upgrade packs available for folks who bought the first printing?

Currently I have no extra parts for upgrades.



Please post in the official Stardew Valley forum or the Stardew Board Game Geek page.


At this moment, if you have issues with replacements parts please just use the form below. Try to be specific about:

  • What needs to be replaced
  • Where you need the replacement shipped
  • If outside the USA, please include a phone number for international shipping


    If your question cannot be answered by the links above, you may use the following contact form to reach out to me (Cole) directly and I'll do my best to help you out. Please keep in mind it may take me some time to respond. Thanks!